Mages of several different times came together to create a world of their own. They abducted areas from different eras of the real world to connect together with wooden bridges that is known as the Floating Islands of Kur.
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 Lady Elizabeth Shane

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Elizabeth Shane
Angagonist (Mod)
Angagonist (Mod)
Elizabeth Shane

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PostSubject: Lady Elizabeth Shane   Lady Elizabeth Shane I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2011 9:26 pm

*Full Name: Elizabeth Margaret Shane
Nicknames: Liz, Lizzy, Flaming Justice, the Volcanic Tyrant

Lady Elizabeth Shane Fantasy-bear-girl (Excluding the "Buster Sword" and including a breast plate on both forms)
Apparent Age: N/A
*True Age: 25
*Race: Grizzly Bear Anthro
*Gender: Female
Hair: Strawberry-Blond (Also applies to the fur)
Skin: Olive
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 5" (human), 7' 10" (Anthro)
Weight: 143 (human, w/o armor), 203 (Human, w/armor), 582 (anthro w/o armor), 695 (anthro w/armor)
Body Composition: Fit, Modest shape (human), Burly (anthro)
Mental State: Obsessive, Unstable

*Territory of Residence: Fire
Place of Birth: Unknown, claims it to be her land of Dysaix (Dih-Sai-ihx)
Known Relatives: Adopted Father Ashton (Deceased), Adopted Mother Cynthia (Lives with Liz), Adopted Elder Brother William (Deceased)
Friends: --
Enemies: --

Nationality: resembling Scottish heritage
Religion/Philosophy: The simple mantra "Through fire, justice is served!"

Occupation: Queen of Dysaix and aspiring Empress of Fire
*Weapons of Choice: War Hammer, Mace, Claymore. All weapons are over six feet in length, the hammer weighs over two hundred pounds, the mace head has a ten inch diameter (the ball, excluding spikes) and weighs over one hundred fifty pounds and the claymore is seven feet long, four inches at its thickest and nearly two hundred pounds. Her armor is spelled to change shape when she does. This does not offer any extra strength or resistance, it is merely convenient for when she transforms in the heat of battle.

Likes: A good brew, brawling, upbeat music (especially Scottish inspired, bring your bag pipes), fighting for the future, fire
Dislikes: Losing her territory, outsiders, upstarts, cowardice, injustice, snow
Favorite Foods: Venison, cherries, cranberries, ham hocks
Favorite Drinks: whiskey, cranberry wine, ale, water (mostly necessity)
Favorite Colors: Red, Orange and Gold
Hobbies: Unarmed combat training, hunting, parties at the pub

Physical Features:
*Special Abilities: Fire Generation, Minor Fire Control (can aim the fire and typically block fire attacks, nothing more complex than that) Heat Aura (cannot cause combustion or melting, simply overheating), Transformation (cannot remove her ears, claws, teeth or her tail), Superhuman Strength (witnessed carrying her three signature weapons at once and wearing her armor with no noticeable strain). Heat Resistance
Positive Personality Traits: Deeply caring of her people and loved ones, Adamantly seeks to right all wrongs, determined, powerful
Negative Personality Traits: Xenophobic, often jumps to conclusions resulting in unfair judgment, zealous, considers refusal to fight or intent to retreat weakness/cowardice.
Misc. Quirks: In spite of all her brutality and battle scars, Liz remains a reasonably attractive woman. She rejects this notion, but is easily flustered by compliments, especially about her looks. Though she can normally pick out liars, Liz's xenophobia can be sated with assurances that one is here to help her protect her kingdom. She often seems distracted as of late with the notion that something very wrong is on the horizon which seems to drive her even harder to overthrow the Fire Mage and take her place as the Territory's ruler for its own sake.

Theme Songs:

*History: Liz can remember little of her youth, but it is known that she is not native to what she sees as her homeland. Dysaix is a high-temperature, volcanic region that seems to be plagued with unpredictable geyser vents and anywhere from magma floes to devastating volcanic explosions where there shouldn't have been one. Mages and Scientists of the region have been able to quell the unstable region for the most part, keeping villages from being wiped out overnight by errant eruptions. Liz was not born to this world, but it became her home. A young girl cub found in the Fire Plains east of Dysaix's capitol city. She was brought in and taken to an orphanage with the belief her family had fallen to the unpredictable eruptions in the Fire Plains and was adopted within a few months by the Royal Family.

Liz was trained early on to become a strong warrior as was common in the family and especially expected of a mighty bear as she quickly grew to become. During a border dispute just before Dysaix's assimilation into Kur, her adopted father the King fell to enemy arrow fire. She was only 12 but Liz and William had come to the agreement to retaliate against the neighboring kingdom together when the entire land rumbled as if the entire nation were about to become a caldera. In the following three years, Dysaix determined a need to expand across these unusual wooden bridges that now edged the kingdom. Several attempts to take assumed enemy territory ended in crushing defeats due to the most crippling choke points being the only way they could get across. With William's death in battle during this time, Elizabeth became the last heir to her foster father's throne and was, with great reluctance, given that position.

In the ten years since her crowning, Liz has begrudgingly shut down Dysaix's borders. Too much war has resulted in pitiful forces remaining and the nation is in desperate need of rebuilding. She sends warriors across the bridges when she can to cause discord among her enemies, but rarely do any return alive. With guards posted at each bridge, she currently has her sights set on the western border's bridge to begin her campaign to reclaim her family's sundered honor and lost lineage. She is determined to succeed for the sake of her kingdom as well as all those in the Fire Territories.
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Lady Elizabeth Shane
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