Mages of several different times came together to create a world of their own. They abducted areas from different eras of the real world to connect together with wooden bridges that is known as the Floating Islands of Kur.
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 Sapphire Crestomanci

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Sapphire Crestomanci  Madhatter

*Full Name: Sapphire Crestomanci
Nicknames: Saph, Chief, Mad Hatter

Apparent Age: Twenty Eight
*True Age: Forty Two
*Race: Recycled Human
*Gender: Female
Hair: A bright cheery orange
Skin: Incredibly pale, nearly white
Eyes: An eerie metallic silver
Height: 5’2” without heels, 5’5” with heels
Weight: 123 lbs.
Body Composition: Very thin, but in surprising shape
Mental State: Usually quite stable, but moments of insanity.

*Territory of Residence: Water Territory
Place of Birth: Port Royal
Known Relatives: Odette Aylss Riley Crestomanci ( Missing, Daughter ), Joker Samuel Riley Crestomanci ( Missing, Son ), Sammy Riley ( Missing, Husband ), Terra Mishka Riley Crestomanci ( Deceased, Daughter ), Maximilian Jason Riley Crestomanci ( Deceased, Son )
Friends: Mister (A small mouse who is always found either on her or near her)
Enemies: None yet.

Nationality: Caucasian
Religion/Philosophy: "As long as there is the sea, I will sail upon it."

Occupation: Former Tailor and Pirate. Currently looking for work.
*Weapons of Choice: Needles and Thread, Pistols (Ivory and Ebony)

Likes: Children, Tea Time, Those who demonstrate kindness
Dislikes: Fires, Children being hurt, Those who would take advantage of her
Favorite Foods: Biscotti, Rugalas, Cinnamon Twists, Most bready pastries
Favorite Drinks: Earl Gray Tea, Chai Tea, Green Tea, and Coffee
Favorite Colors: Silver, Gold, and Tan
Hobbies: Sewing, Tea Brewing, Baking

Physical Features: Sapphire's body is covered with stitches and a bit of a 'rag doll' appearance from where her body was reconstructed. It is most obvious without clothing, but Sapphire does not attempt to cover it up. Rather, she doesn't care who notices and her explanation for them is always the same, "It was the price to pay for a second chance."
*Special Abilities: The ability to control needles and thread imbued with her power. Very much like psychic power, but it gives her absolute control of the material and she must touch it first. When she touches a needle or thread, she can imbue some power into it that makes it susceptible to her will. Once reactive to her will, she can control it with her mind and energy willing it to become hot or cold or fly through the air or hover or even grow to her own body size or shrink to the size of a penny. She cannot change the physical shape(aka make a needle into say a hammer), but rather can make needles grow larger and smaller or make the thread thicker or thinner.
Positive Personality Traits: Calm, Compassionate, Maternal, Difficult to upset
Negative Personality Traits: Breaks under pressure, Easily trusts, Dependent upon others, Nymphomaniac
Misc. Quirks: Despite having once been dead, Sapphire is quite alive. She does not remember her family under normal circumstances because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but under great amounts of stress or trigger images Sapphire will suddenly remember her family and completely break down mentally and physically. She has thus far forgotten about her family every time she recovers from her breakdown, but there may be a point at which she can't block it out anymore.
Theme Songs: Bring Me to Life

*History: Sapphire began as a young impressionable girl on a very busy port city, Port Royal. She lived with her mother, and her father was a pirate who left before she was even born but came back to visit every few years. He was never around for long, but Sapphire always idolized him when he did come around. Though she worked with her mother making hats, fixing shoes, and tailoring clothing, Sapphire had always wished to be a pirate. Pirates were not particularly fond of having women aboard, and Sapphire knew her mother needed her, so she always thought her dream a long distance wish.

However, her chance came when she was fourteen years old. Her mother died of tuberculosis and Sapphire began to run the shop herself. She raised money and purchased herself some pistols which she promptly named Ebony and Ivory, and learned to be a sharp shooter. She bought maps and charts and learned how to navigate. With her skills refined by the age of sixteen, she shut up shop and hopped on the nearest Pirate ship out of town, hiding herself as a man. Eventually of course, she was found out and the crew was less than friendly about it, but since her skills were indispensable for the crew she was allowed to remain on the ship and stay as the Captain's... well whore. Sort of. It ended up working out fairly nicely though, as the moment Sapphire discovered what pleasure she had been missing, she was almost obsessive about it.

All went well for the next few years, she traveled around the world looting and navigating and doing what she had always dreamed. She wondered about her father, but he would be fine. She didn't know his name to go looking for him though, so she simply forgot about him. However, when she turned eighteen she had the largest most life changing experience in her life. She saw a man whose beauty and appeal were beyond compare, a man she found whose name was Sammy and she was instantly in love. He was a pirate as well, and yet he was a caligynophobic. Basically, he was afraid of pretty woman and Sapphire at the time was certainly a lovely woman. He ran from her, and Sapphire being the dedicated woman to her dreams that she was chased him. She chased him for years and years until eventually he simply left her for good, leaving her completely broken. She had finally met her dream, but she was not good enough to achieve it.

It wasn't until she was twenty one, about four years later she was kidnapped off her ship. Sammy had come back for her after conquering his phobia, but her depression had left her blind to his sacrifices for her. They argued, but in the end, she caved and they were married. She remained with his crew, navigating and quickly bearing four lovely children. They lived rather happily, the children were sea bred pirates. Life was beautiful. It had been very kind to her, granting her a loving family and her dreams of becoming a successful pirate.

But life couldn't always be kind. She was thirty eight when they came. Those mages did. Her family was docked up for supplies when everything became very blurry. Everything was chaos. Sapphire ran to find her children, to find Sammy, but she could find him nowhere. She found her youngest dead, but her eldest daughter was pinned in a burning building. Sapphire ran in, saving her daughter in exchange for her own life.

What happened next, Sapphire was never really sure. She was quite positive she was dead, but when she awoke, she was quite obviously alive. As to why or how she was alive, she really did not know. All she could remember was that she died in a fire. From this point, she remembered a medical facility that smelled quite strongly of chemical cleaners. Men in white coats taught her how to imbue power into needles and thread, how to control and use the power. She was never sure why they bothered, as when they persisted to attempt to pull her into jobs, she simply killed her guards and left. She was drawn to the sea, and after a year of traveling upon traders ships she pulled into port and opened up a sewing shop that she had run until her forty second birthday. Deciding to pick up pirating again, Sapphire closed up shop and headed off to the taverns to look for better work.
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Sapphire Crestomanci
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