Mages of several different times came together to create a world of their own. They abducted areas from different eras of the real world to connect together with wooden bridges that is known as the Floating Islands of Kur.
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 Captain Kaisea

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PostSubject: Captain Kaisea   Captain Kaisea I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2011 12:06 am

*Full Name: Kaisea Black Robbin
Nicknames: Captain

Captain Kaisea 1hxdmr
Apparent Age: 27
*True Age: 64
*Race: Water Elementalist
*Gender: Female
Hair: Orange
Skin: Bronzed
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"
Weight: You don't ask a woman that.
Body Composition: Fit
Mental State: Stable

*Territory of Residence: Water
Place of Birth: Caribbean Islands
Known Relatives: none

Occupation: Head of Water Territory, ship Captain
*Weapons of Choice: Cutlass, whip, flintlock, and several other things hidden in her boots.

Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Colors:

Physical Features:
*Special Abilities: Very basic control of water.
Positive Personality Traits:
Negative Personality Traits:
Misc. Quirks:

Theme Songs:

*History: Kaisea is one of the original mages who created this world. She is strong in magic and will likely outlive all those she brought into this land. She roams the seas of the islands in the water territory ruling with an iron fist.
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Captain Kaisea
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